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Drain Cleaning Drill Attachment

Rotary Action Clears Tough Clogs Fast

Directions for Use

  1. Bend the blue line to approximately a 45 degree angle
  2. Attach the metal shaft to your drill chuck
  3. Feed the tube down the drain and pull and trigger
  4. Remove the tube from the drain and use a paper towel to wipe the clog off the line

*see owners manual for detailed instructions 

Slim profile fits most household drains

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“Unleash the drain cleaning power of your drill”

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Unleash the drain cleaning power of your drill

Asset 1 Plastic Drain Sticks
Easy to Clean
2X Longer to Reach Tough Clogs
Works with Any Drill
Easier to feed & remove


RotoPlumber is perfect for instantly removing hair clogs from sinks, showers and bathtubs. 

Yes, RotoPlumber fits into the chuck of ANY drill – any brand, any size. The metal shaft is inserted into the chuck of the drill just like any drill bit or accessory.

Yes, unlike plastic drain sticks RotoPlumber can be used again and again to clear clog after clog. After a clog is removed, simply use a paper towel to wipe the clog off the line and it’s ready for the next job!  

RotoPlumber can be fed under or through the stopper or overflow cover without removing them in most sinks and tubs, but in some rare cases if the gap is too small or the clog is too large, it may be necessary to remove the stopper or overflow cover.  

Sometimes it can be difficult to feed RotoPlumber the first few inches past the stopper in your sink or tub. Trying different angles or areas around the stopper can sometimes make it easier, or in some cases it may be necessary to remove the stopper or overflow cover. 

If you’re able to feed RotoPlumber down the first several inches of the drain but running into resistance further down (most likely at the P-trap), remove the tube from the drain and ensure the blue line protruding from the end of the tube is bent at about a 45-degree angle before trying again. Ensuring your drill is in high speed with the trigger fully depressed can help as well. 

*Be sure to keep slight tension on the tube between the drill and the top of the drain as you feed it, so as not to leave too much slack in the tube. Excess slack can cause the tube to bind and kink.

Sometimes if the tube gets bound or kinked in the drain, the blue line can twist causing it to shorten. If that happens, it is sometimes possible to gently pull the blue line out further to expose more of it. You can also trim the black tube with a pair of scissors (without trimming the blue line) to shorten the tube slightly and expose more line. The blue line should extend 3-4 inches past the end of the black tube. 

Yes! Replacing the line only takes a few seconds and can be done without any tools. Replacement line is available on our website and includes an instructional manual which contains a step-by-step guide and diagram showing exactly how to replace the line.  

Replacement Line